Start Investing in Gold with the Certified Gold Exchange

The Certified Gold Exchange has been a full-service precious metals dealer in the United States since 1992. Our process is very straightforward and gives you time to get all the answers you need before making a firm decision. Obviously, different products and strategies will be needed depending upon your reasons, goals, and investment time frame. When investing with the Certified Gold Exchange, this is what you can expect.

 Asking Questions:

Many dealers are simply interested in “selling” you gold, no questions asked. This is tantamount to malpractice. Besides, how can your advisers be expected to really understand your goals and needs without asking the proper questions?

Start Investing in Gold with the Certified Gold Exchange

One of the first questions a reputable dealer asks is what type of metal(s) you like. This could be gold or silver in general, or even specific types of coins or bars. No matter what, this will help us to develop solid recommendations for you. Of course, being familiar with your plans for those metals are also important, so we will ask if you are buying with the intention of taking delivery…or maybe placing them in an IRA.

 Why You Are Buying Gold?

There are many different reasons for you to consider buying gold. This goes directly to your overall goal and purpose of coming to the Certified Gold Exchange. While gold (and other precious metals) have traditionally been recognized as a strong hedge against inflation and the devaluing worth of fiat currency, there are any number of other reasons or goals for entering the precious metals market.

 Large Volume Discount Dealer

Every investor and saver should be thinking about ways to protect and put themselves in a better position in relation to the direction of economic currents. With huge amounts of government debt and unfunded liabilities in not only the United States, but throughout the developed world, looking at gold and precious metals might be a solid way to guard against the possible future crash of the dollar.

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Dissatisfaction With The Government:

One thing that our professional precious metals advisers see a lot of is dissatisfaction with the government. Many investors have seen the writing on the wall for a number of years already due to the government raiding social security funds, huge and rising social program shortfalls, and no real will to even try to rein in spending on the countless other programs that have been put in place over the past several decades.

We want to explore your feelings on these issues, since it will provide a great idea as to your point of view and how you see the future. Only after discussing these items will our professional adviser be able to suggest specific ideas and strategies to help take your investing to the next level.

 Current Investment Results:

We also want to know what other types of investments you currently have or have made in the past. This shows us your level of risk tolerance and may even offer insights if you investments have been underperforming. Over the years, we have also seen how some types of investors feel more comfortable in certain types of precious metals or metals products than others…and your overall risk profile and tolerance level helps in identifying your portfolio mix.

 Products Matched To Goals:

Now, we will move on to the next phase of the process. This will still be a normal conversation, but the goal is to start thinking about which products will fall in line and match all your goals, given your unique situation. Each person will have a different set of goals and world view that can affect which specific investments have the best fit.

As a very quick example, something as simple as your holding period or intentions for gold can influence the product mix of your recommended precious metals investments. Something that work for someone with a long-term, buy and hold strategy is probably not going to work for another person who is looking to take their gold and make it into jewelry. However, it might be a better fit if you were thinking of making a gift to someone (perhaps your children or another relative).

Only after knowing all of the information discussed above will we be able to make insightful recommendations for you.

 Large Volume Discount Dealer:

You should realize that we are serious about helping you achieve your goals; this is why we are an established large-volume, discount precious metals dealer. In order for us to service you directly, there are certain minimum investments requirements. These include:

 $5,000 in certified coins

10 ounces in gold bullion

500 ounces in silver bullion

If these investment minimums are not comfortable, we are more than happy to provide you with contact information for other gold dealers who could assist you.

When you are ready to place an order or take advantage of our offered services, you will be directed to a confirmation line. This is recorded for the protection of both parties, with everything completely verified before the order is finalized and placed. Additionally, our company works on a checklist system to ensure you receive an email and a phone call each time we receive funds or ship a package out to you. We ship five days per week from depositories across the country, and we use insured services like USPS and FedEx to ensure prompt and secure delivery of your gold and silver.

 Final Details:

If you have ordered gold to be placed in an IRA account, this metal will be sent to the Delaware Depository Services Company in Wilmington, DE. All of our IRA investors will receive quarterly account updates from their chosen IRA custodian, as well as the Certified Gold Exchange quarterly newsletter. Lastly, we think it is important for you to understand our brokers and advisers are not commissioned. In fact, their pay and reward structure is based on how well they serve and satisfy you, our valued clients.

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About Certified Gold Exchange, Inc.

Certified Gold Exchange first made a name for itself with banks, investing institutions and household investors in 1992 and is now known as “America’s Trusted Source for Gold”. Its A+, Zero Complaint rating and its PriceMatchPlus® guarantee makes it easy to see why American investors love to work with the Certified Gold Exchange. Call the Certified Gold Exchange toll-free at (800) 300-0715 today for your free 2015 Insiders’ Guide to Investing in Gold.
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