Best Contact Information For Certified Gold Exchange

Whenever you are considering developing a new relationship with any company, knowing how to reach said company is very important. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses these days simply don’t give you this information up front, or they really make you search in order to unearth their phone and fax numbers. Not here. At the Certified Gold Exchange, we make it extremely easy to find and use our contact information.


Basic Contact Numbers

The most basic contact number that you should have for the Certified Gold Exchange is our main trading desk, which is (800) 300-0715. Please put this at the head of your organizer, planner, or whatever organizational system you use. It is the easiest way to contact us. The main office is located in Fort Worth, Texas and if you are in the area feel free to use (214) 390-9938 to contact us directly.

Should you ever need to send a fax, our fax number is (800) 300-4919. By the way, take a look at our online contact form in order to see all of this contact information outlined and laid out very clearly. You will also find our physical address for the main Fort Worth office and a method for sending us a secure online message.

Direct Line To Adviser

One of the great things about becoming a client of the Certified Gold Exchange is the fact that you are treated as a part of the family. Not only will you be able to contact us through any of the numbers outlined above, but you will also receive a direct line to your professional adviser. This step is taken to ensure you are always able to find the specific help needed, exactly when you need it.

Best Contact Information For Certified Gold Exchange

Whenever you need to speak to your adviser, simply pick up the phone. That call will ring directly through to our main office to the desk of your personal adviser. You can also rest assured that your call will be answered by your broker or one of his or her trading partners or backup brokers.

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IRA Provider Contact Information

When you have decided to hold your gold or silver (or any other precious metals) in an IRA, one of the first things to do is choose the specific custodian. This is the company that will actually maintain or direct the physical possession of your metals. Obviously, they need to be a highly trusted firm that has been in business for a number of years.

One company we work with on this task is Equity Institutional. They are a division of the highly respected Equity Trust Company. They have more than 300,000 clients, process over 730,000 transactions each year, and are certainly one of the oldest and largest custodians. Best of all, they concentrate only on alternative investments. You can reach them directly at (855) 355-2587.

The other IRA custodian that the Certified Gold Exchange works with is Self DirectedIRA Services, or SDIRA. They are a subsidiary of Horizon Bank, also a very large and well respected company and IRA custodian. A very flexible company, we believe them to be a wonderful asset in terms of providing IRA custodial services. You may contact them directly at (866) 928-9394.

Readily Available For Clients

The bottom line is that the Certified Gold Exchange believes clients are more than just clients. When you work with us, you become part of our family. This is part of the reason we want you to have all of our contact information. Call our main office or your adviser directly any time you like. This may occur either through the toll-free number or through a fax you would like to send. If you prefer, use the contact form to get in touch with us at the Certified Gold Exchange. This is as easy as sending a simple email, and we will make sure it is directed to the right person or department. No matter how you reach out to us, we strive to always respond to clients within one business day. In many cases, our response time is even sooner. Please feel free to contact us today…you have the numbers!


About Certified Gold Exchange, Inc.

Certified Gold Exchange first made a name for itself with banks, investing institutions and household investors in 1992 and is now known as “America’s Trusted Source for Gold”. Its A+, Zero Complaint rating and its PriceMatchPlus® guarantee makes it easy to see why American investors love to work with the Certified Gold Exchange. Call the Certified Gold Exchange toll-free at (800) 300-0715 today for your free 2015 Insiders’ Guide to Investing in Gold.
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