Why Does The Certified Gold Exchange Sell Rare Coins and Bullion?

Many interested prospects have often asked the question of why the Certified Gold Exchanges sells both rare coins and bullion. After all, these are two very different and distinct markets and not many companies can honestly consider themselves to be experts in both areas. Rare coins are those which are considered to have numismatic, or collectible, value. Bullion encompasses a wide range of products from coins to bars and other types of precious metals products.

Normal To Sell Only One?

Many precious metals dealers have chosen to focus on only one market since the specialties are very dissimilar. However, in the case of the Certified Gold Exchange, our history has provided a unique level and range of experience. Since we started out providing services for a number of dealers and other precious metals institutions, we quickly developed expertise in both markets.

precious metals dealers

For this reason, we do not limit ourselves to one or the other. Unlike many other precious metals dealers we also fully train our advisers in both areas.

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Many Dealers Biased

Certainly, you will be able to find other dealers who claim to sell or offer both rare coins and bullion. The problem with such a situation is that they tend to be biased toward one of these markets…and it can often be difficult to determine this fact. Sadly, almost all of these companies have advisers and sales people working on commission. This means that they tend to push their prospects and clients into products that offer the highest payouts to them.

We Ask Questions FIRST

We want to have a conversation with you. We are going to ask you earth-shattering questions like:

Why are you considering an investment in precious metals?
What is your general investing experience and experience with metals?
What are your goals as far as investing—retirement, savings, privatizing your wealth, etc.?
Are you looking to take physical delivery or will these metals be stored in an IRA or by another institution?

Why are you considering an investment in precious metals?

In short, we want to figure out what is really going to be in your best interests. This happens way before any particular type of product is recommended or even discussed, unlike many other dealers who start out trying to push you in one direction or the other.

No Managed Accounts

The Certified Gold Exchange has no managed or discretionary accounts. In other words, even if you asked, we do not trade on your behalf. After our conversation, we will provide our best advice and recommendations. Then, we will do whatever you instruct us to do this could be to buy rare coins or maybe purchase some gold bars, or both. Either way, you’re the boss.

Final Word

Unlike many other precious metals dealers, the Certified Gold Exchange is here to serve you. This is partly why offer both rare coins and bullion. Our deep experience in all facets of this business allows us to be top experts in these areas. Our non-commissioned advisers ensure you receive the best advice possible before making any precious metals investment decision. To find out more about how we can help you, call the Certified Gold Exchange today at (800) 300-0715.


About Certified Gold Exchange, Inc.

Certified Gold Exchange first made a name for itself with banks, investing institutions and household investors in 1992 and is now known as “America’s Trusted Source for Gold”. Its A+, Zero Complaint rating and its PriceMatchPlus® guarantee makes it easy to see why American investors love to work with the Certified Gold Exchange. Call the Certified Gold Exchange toll-free at (800) 300-0715 today for your free 2015 Insiders’ Guide to Investing in Gold.
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