History of the Certified Gold Exchange

As one of the top precious metals trading platforms in the country, the Certified Gold Exchange has much to offer those looking to become involved with precious metals. This includes licensed dealers, institutions, and other investors. There are more than two decades of history behind our business and with that in mind; here is what you should know about the history of the Certified Gold Exchange.

Beginnings of the Certified Gold Exchange

The economic situation back in 1992 was a bit difficult. There was a recession which the country was struggling to come out from under and things on Wall Street were not looking too positive, either. This made it a great time to buy gold. It was under these conditions that the Certified Gold Exchange opened its doors.

History of the Certified Gold Exchange

Initially, the company focused on only one area of business: being a precious metals dealer to other businesses. This primarily involved working with other dealers and institutions. This also happened to be a great way to learn all the ins and outs of the precious metals business. This experience has been invaluable in terms of building our own relationships with trusted institutions and precious metals storage facilities along with knowing the best ways to find the types of metals consumers really want.

 Household Division Opened

After nearly nine years of operating strictly as a broker dealer for other brokers and institutions, our founder had the insight of bringing our experience directly to the consumer. In 2001, the Certified Gold Exchange household division was born. People were starting to hear more and more about investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals but really lacked the actual advice and guidance needed in order to make the best purchase and investment decisions.

On top of this, our founder and current CEO could see many folks were being taken advantage of by charlatans and others who tried flocking to this industry in the hope of making a quick fortune. Sadly, there were many questionable sales tactics being used during this period which gave the industry a bad name.

You may remember this period being marked by a number of celebrity TV ads trying to peddle the wares of many newly formed gold and silver dealers. Never mind the fact that most of these celebrities never investigated any of the companies they represented, nor did they probably care as long as they were paid.

Focus On Customers

We have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2003. On top of this, we are committed to only dealing with the finest certified products including government minted gold and silver bullion coins and PCGS (also NGC) certified gold and silver coins. We also offer our now famous PriceMatchPlus guarantee.

Certified Gold Exchange Expansion

It has been this commitment to the success of our clients and their full satisfaction that has driven our tremendous expansion. This network now includes a number of different offices, locations, depositories, and fulfillment centers, spread all across the country, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York City, Wilmington, DE, and Wichita, KS locations. Our coast-to-coast offices ensure you receive efficient and professional service.

By the way, we also are fully committed to ensuring you have the best non-biased advice anywhere. This is why we only use non-commissioned account representatives. Not only do they have all of our extensive resources at their fingertips, but they will go the extra mile to ensure you find the most appropriate product. All without ever being forced or pressured into a quick decision.


While this is a brief summary and overview of the history of the Certified Gold Exchange, it also shows just how deeply committed we are to you, the customer. We understand that trust is not an easy thing to earn and as “America’s Trusted Source For Gold” we take this responsibility very seriously. This is why everything about the company, from the CEO on down, is about ensuring your complete satisfaction. Give us a call today at (800) 300-0715 to find out how we can help you get started in precious metals investing.

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About Certified Gold Exchange, Inc.

Certified Gold Exchange first made a name for itself with banks, investing institutions and household investors in 1992 and is now known as “America’s Trusted Source for Gold”. Its A+, Zero Complaint rating and its PriceMatchPlus® guarantee makes it easy to see why American investors love to work with the Certified Gold Exchange. Call the Certified Gold Exchange toll-free at (800) 300-0715 today for your free 2015 Insiders’ Guide to Investing in Gold.
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